Trishous-Delicious (trishfs) wrote in pg_loss_writing,

You are not alone

You are not alone. Many women have lost a baby, including…
(includes women who have lost one or more children to miscarriage, still birth, and/or early infant loss)

Jackie Kennedy
Tori Amos
Yoko Ono
Meredith Vieira (of ABC’s The View)
Lady Bird Johnson
Liza Minnelli
Anne Boleyn (wife of King Henry VIII)
Vanna White
Whitney Houston
Sharon Stone
Josie Bissett (of TV’s Melrose Place)
Sylvia Plath
Brett Butler
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Eleanor Roosevelt
Pamela Anderson Lee
Howard Stern & wife, Alison
Kathie Lee Gifford
Sylvester Stallone & wife, Jennifer Flavin
Wendy Williams (Radio personality who chronicled her pregnancy on the air, then had a miscarriage)
Mary Tyler Moore
Dorothy Parker
Audrey Hepburn
Kiri Te Kanawa (opera singer)
Jane Pauley
Diego Rivera (early 20th century artist) & wife, Frida Kahlo
Lucille Ball
Rachel Hunter & Rod Stewart
Marianne Faithfull (60’s pop star)
Valerie Bertinelli & Eddie Van Halen
Christie Brinkley
Casey Kasem & wife, Jean Kasem (actress)
Oprah Winfrey
Prince & wife, Mayte Garcia
Ursula K. LeGuin (author)
Katey Segal
Annie Lennox
My boss
My Mother-in-Law
My next-door neighbor
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