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Katherine Zander

How do I say goodbye to one I loved but never saw, never touched,
never smelled her hair, never heard her cry?
How do I say goodbye?

How do I give up my hopes and dreams, the lost future of warm hugs, wondrous discoveries and cries of delight?
How do I give comfort to skinned knees and broken hearts that will never see light?

My little child, so helpless. But I am more so.
She has gone away, only to return in dreams and memories, but my pain is here to stay.
As time goes by, the tears will stop, the pain will ebb, but never go away.
But she will. She has. And my life will never be the same.

I hear and know that it was for the best. I know the logic, I know the reasoning, I know it's true and not wrong.
I guess I grieve most for what I wanted and will never know. How hard it is to be strong.

Good-bye Little One

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